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Advantages of liquid soap.

Today different manufacturers often add to their assortment a new product Ц liquid soap.

Most people keep using solid soap by force of habit, despite of its disadvantages, Solid soap has, as a rule, high alkalinity index which adversely influences the skin. In particular, due to alkaline the skin loses sebum being its protective barrier, which leads to excessive dehydration of skin and tendency to irritation. Discovery of these disadvantages of solid soap resulted in production of liquid one. This product has a number of merits and advantages as compared to the solid soap. Let us discuss the most significant of them.

First of all, liquid is more hygienic, since it is contained in a bottle and has no direct contact with hand skin. Use of it in medical institutions has significantly decreased the spread of various infections.

Moreover, liquid soap does not slip out of hands and does not dry up because of special packing and consistence.

Liquid soap contains sufractants Ц softening substances which are very difficult to add into solid soap. Sometimes liquid soap also contains other regenerating components which beneficially influence the hand skin and favor its optimum moistening.

Liquid soap does not influence the lipid balance in skin which favors the formation of weak-acid medium. This product contains bioadditivies which are impossible to add into solid soap because of alkaline destructive effect.

It is much easier to add plant extracts, essential oils, and vitamins into liquid substance. Besides, it is very convenient to use liquid soap outdoors, while traveling, on business trips, and in medical institutions. This is an unquestionable advantage of liquid soap.

High-quality liquid soap manufactured by УSVФ Firm LLC will become an irreplaceable assistant at home.

Hair Shampoos

At all times shampoo was one of the most widely-spread means for hair care.

Today shampoos not only wash, but also nourish and moisturize hair, protect and heal it, make it look beautiful.

Series of our shampoos is produced according to specially developed formulation and contains only high-quality ingredients and components.

УSVФ Firm LLCТs shampoos contain natural additives such as nettle, aloe, tickseed, camomile, coltsfoot and others.

Natural additives fulfill a number of very useful functions:

  • remove split ends and hair fragility;
  • strengthen damaged hair, make it shiny, and flexible;
  • moisturize and nourish hair roots;
  • has antiseptic effect.

And these are not all the useful functions of shampoos.

УSVФ Firm LLC is constantly looking for new unique formulas for shampoos production. When creating our series of hair shampoos we are taking into consideration a number of factors such as hair type, structure, color, degree of damage and others.

With confidence we may guarantee that after use of our shampoo Your hair will become healthy, soft, supple, and extremely shiny.