Household chemicals

Nowadays we cant imagine our life without household chemical products. We are surrounded by a large number of chemical products we use everywhere: at home, at work, at private plots. With their help it is easier to do laundry, to clean carpets, and clean windows.

Demand for household chemicals increases with high rate, the sphere of their application is growing. Surprisingly fast development of chemical industry and growth of peoples demand resulted in drastic increase in household chemicals production.

Today household chemicals completely ensure peoples life. Among them the main are laundry products, cleaning agents, multipurpose cleaning agents, bleaching agents, and other products for keeping the house clean and cozy.

Household chemicals are the products used in different industrial sectors. Use of them optimizes processes and saves resources.

SV Firm LLCs household chemicals will help to keep Your house clean.

SV Firm LLC tends to maximally diversify assortment of its goods in order to satisfy the needs of a large target group. Moreover, our household chemicals are represented in wide price range, which gives our clients the possibility to make a good bargain even with low financial capabilities.